Woodland Publishing

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Woodland Publishing was founded in 1975, began printing health books at a small press in Utah. Over the years, Woodland has published such bestselling books as The Little Herb Encyclopedia by Jack Ritchason and Today's Herbal Health by Louise Tenney, now in its sixth edition. Today, Woodland Publishing specialize in full-length books such as the recently-released 20 Essential Supplements, and booklet-length titles including Chia Seed, Kombucha, and Natural & Healthy Sweeteners. Woodland Publishing continues three-decade long history of providing customers with the richest selection of "healthy reading" available, offering new and revised titles each year. Woodland titles are found in independent health food stores, boutique bookstores and large national chains. Pick up a title and start reading today. Herbspro.com is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.