Ultra Glandulars

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Ultra Enterprises has been supplying natural raw glandulars to the natural food industry, naturopaths, chiropractors and medical doctors for twenty five years. Ultra Enterprises have become a recognized leader in glandular therapy through out the united states, canada, europe, mexico, asia and other parts of the world. All glandulars are from the high mountains of new zealand and the ranges of argentina. These range free bovine glandulars are guaranteed to be free of hormones, growth stimulants, antibiotics, e-coli, fungas, pathogen, moisture, mold, stilbestrol and any other artificial methods. Ultra uses only the finest, purest and safest raw materials available freeze dried, defatted, uncut, 100% pure and bse free. "There are no purer glandulars on this Earth" ultra's products have been formulated to meet dietary supplement health and education act (dshea) and the u.s. Pharmacopoeia. Manufactured in accordance GMP standards. Herbspro.com is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.