Medicine Mama's

Medicine Mama's Apothecary is proud to offer a line of certified organic skincare products that moisturize, soothe, nourish and heal. Medicine Mama is passionate about making the highest quality natural skincare products as possible. Medicine Mama's Apothecary believes that nature has the answer to restoring and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. After four years and several hundred experiments, Donna perfected the formula, temperatures and curing times to bind the ancient forest honey and propolis together in a 28 day Flavonoid Compound curing phase, creating Melexylem: a super concentrated substance that is far more than the sum of its parts with extremely heightened prebiotic, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Donna blended her miracle Melexylem in organic oils and nutrient rich hive products and named it Sweet Bee Magic. This miracle cream became an instant favorite and quickly grew by word of mouth from friends and family into being carried by over a thousand of the finest health food stores in the US. is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.