Crystal was introduced in 1984 by Jerry Rosenblatt, Founder and CEO of Crystal, to a manufactured product, made of mineral salts, which purifies water. That same product, he later discovered, also worked as a natural yet powerful hypoallergenic deodorant. Crystal continues to produce and sell its original Deodorant Stone throughout the world, and its natural deodorant ingredients continue to make it the world's leading mineral salt deodorant brand. Jerry still uses Crystal deodorant every day naturally. As demand for the product grew, Jerry decided to begin manufacturing and selling different versions of his hypoallergenic deodorant to reach more people and satisfy their different needs. The natural deodorant products, now marketed under the Crystal Body Deodorant name. Crystal Rock for men blends powerful odor killing mineral salts with natural fragrances to help you feel fresh and smelling great from sunrise to sunset, even after strenuous exercise. Crystal is a unique alum deodorant that prevents odor before it starts by creating an odor-killing barrier that lasts all day. Crystal offer a wide range of mineral salt deodorants to keep you smelling fresh all day without unwanted chemicals. is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.