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Created in 1995, Health King Enterprise and Balanceuticals Group, Inc., is committed to bringing the best from the treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition. Chinese herbal remedies offered as dietary supplements are used as full-fledged medicine in China. These formulas are formulated and manufactured according to the most stringent quality standards and the most up-to-date achievements in traditional Chinese medicine. They are screened for quality and safety by a specialist group at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the highest research institution for traditional Chinese medicine. These have been used for thousands of years for good health and are being improved continuously with modern science and technology. Health King medicinal teas are the first full range medicinal teas from China. They are designed both as general maintenance of good health and for specific conditions based upon traditional Chinese formulas. These teas, nicely flavored, are very enjoyable and taste great for both hot and iced-tea. Their green teas, directly imported from the tea garden inYunnan , represent some of the best green teas and jasmine green teas from China and are the freshest you can get. is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.