AvoDerm is formulated and produced by Breeder's Choice Pet Foods. An industry innovator in new product development since its early days of providing high quality, diet-specific foods to breeders and zoos, the company is regarded by the industry as one of the purest, premium makers of natural pet foods for dogs and cats. Although many of its products were developed for specific pet health concerns, all are intended to be used as ongoing preventative care in adding longevity to a pet's life. AvoDerm premium dog and cat food formulas are loaded with high quality meat proteins, wholesome grains, antioxidant nutrients plus vitamins and minerals for inside health and California avocados for healthy skin and coat on the outside. Specialty formulas for dogs include, Puppy, Small Breed, Large Breed, Vegetarian, Lite and Senior as well as several nutritious flavors for Maintenance. Specialty formulas for cats include, Hairball Control, Weight Control and Kitten as well as several nutritious flavors for Maintenance. Herbspro.com is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.